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Well, as you've all noticed, Xaldin and myself have been a bit preoccupied as of late. Xaldin had a bit of an accident making some finger sandwiches... and accidentally lopped off a few fingers. Sorry about that Sora, we may need to retrieve those from your stomach. As for myself, I've been tending to the wound and - you guessed it - cooking. That's right you ungrateful speds - I'VE BEEN MAKING THOSE DELICIOUS MEALS YOU'RE EATING.

It's rather difficult to balance nursing an over-grown child of a man, cooking and still keeping up with my research. Now that things are calming down a bit, our presence should become more relevant soon.


Finally, some free time!

Well, as you heard, I conducted some research last weekend involving Sora, a heartless I found in Riku's room, and a paopu fruit. With Xaldin and Saix's assistance, I was able to perform a few choice experiments on these specimens.

In depth Lab Results WITH PHOTOSCollapse )

Good Puppy

So the dog Saix decided it would be funny to wake me up this morning by stabbing me with one of Xaldin's spears. Fucking mutt. We seem to have sedated him with chicken salad and a book.

The keyblade nitwit will be showing up later, along with some, surely, annoying friend. Xaldin & I have concocted a plan to lure him into danger with the promise of Chuckie Cheese childish fun. Once his guard is down, we'll throw Sora into the ball pitt kidnap him for experimentation. XD

Wish us luck, stupid neophytes.

Why do I let these things happen...?

How did I let all you idiots drag me away from my lab? How? Xaldin, if you spiked my iced tea, I'm going to hurt you.

Either way, now that I've had time to unwind from the complete and utter INSANITY you all put me through, I can reflect on the more, admittedly, entertaining moments of this weekend.

I suppose watching you all prove what idiots you truly are isn't so bad - especially when one of the results is the back of Axel's head spontaneously making good friends with the floor. Not to mention pinning Riku AND Sora to the floor - AND IF ANY OF YOU MENTION THAT WHOLE MARLUXIA AND LARXENE TACKLING ME TO THE FLOOR THING, I'LL PERFORM INAPPROPRIATE EXPERIMENTS ON YOU IN YOUR SLEEP. *ahem*

Anyway, I might be convinced to continue to observe these idiot outings - perhaps I'll learn something and perhaps pigs will fly, but at least I can laugh my ass off at you fools.

.......And as for the complete ignoramus that decided to steal my exam gloves: if you think I only keep them in the lab, then you're sadly mistaken. Besides, I can get more down the street, you buffoon

$^&%)^^&$%*(*^^$%#$^T)* MIGRAINE

Had my experiments reviewed by the Superior today. Double faced bastard - they tell me how wonderful it is and then launch me off of a project! GAH! *throws a test tube at the wall*

What the-?

*head snaps up off keyboard* What? Oh. Right. *looks at Coke spill* GODDAMNIT! *is tackled by Xaldin* What the hell! Let me type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*ignores the humping* Ahem. Alright you neophytes. I've agreed to this little shenanigan you call "fun", so show some respect for your elders-AND STOP SPANKING ME, XALDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

AHEM. So. What are you idiots all up to???? Quench my curiosity and I won't be forced to experiment upon you to get some results.